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Studying at the Faculty of Arts and the School of French as a Foreign Language
Description of studies and contacts
Faculty of Arts - School of French as a Foreign Language
Faculty of Arts
University of Lausanne
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Faculty of Arts
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School of French as a Foreign Language
E-Mail: efle@unil.ch
Phone: ++41 (0)21 692 3638
Description, aims and objectives

THE FACULTE OF ARTS offers its students a wide range of classical disciplines: Philosophy, History, Languages (ancient and modern), Archaeology, History of Art. Other branches have been added, reflecting the broadening of human knowledge: history and aesthetics of cinema, information technology for human sciences, linguistics, history and religious studies.

Teaching in the Faculty of Arts aims to:

  • provide a strong grasp of contemporary realities and give meaning to the intellectual riches produced by humanity over the centuries;

  • impart the knowledge, methods and techniques necessary to practice the disciplines in question with the required scientific competence;

  • encourage the learning and practice of an interdisciplinary approach;

  • introduce students to research;

  • prepare students for careers in the fields of the human sciences, particularly teaching, communications and professions offered by cultural institutions and international organizations;

  • participate in continuing education in the fields it teaches and in the training of promising young academics.

Faculty Website in French: www.unil.ch/lettres


THE SCHOOL OF FRENCH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE is affiliated to the Faculty of Arts. IIt offers complete degree courses or “satellite” courses of French focusing on the French Language and French and more generally Francophone Culture. Every year, over 1000 students from more than 70 countries participate in the various courses at different levels.

To improve French, it is also possible at the School of French as a Foreign Language to take just a few "satellite" courses in order to integrate other studies in one of the faculties of the UNIL.

Complete degree programmes provide extensive training in French as a Foreign Language (FFL) in its linguistic and cultural dimensions, as well as the theoretical knowledge of literature, linguistics and teaching methodologies necessary to achieve proficiency in this field.

School Website in French: www.unil.ch/fle


Degrees awarded




  • Master of Arts

  • Master of Arts with specialisation in :
    - African Studies: texts and fieldwork
    - Arts and Switzerland: borders, territory, identities
    - Culture, Civilasation and Resurgences from the Middle Ages
    - Comparative European Languages and Literatures
    - Dramatic Art and Theater History
    - Explaining interculturality
    - French and francophone studies in the European context
    - History of Culture: texts, images and society
    - History of Film Theory/Practices
    - History of the Book and Critical Edition
    - Literary Translation
    - New American Studies
    - Pedagogy and cultural mediation in the humanities
    - Public Discourse and Communication Analysis
    - Religious science: shining a light on interculturality
    - Working in the Field of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

  • Master of Arts in the Study of Religions (with or without specialisation)

  • Master of Arts in Digital Humanities

Masters of Advanced Studies


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Faculty of Arts: Major Assets...

> training of the mind by which the student "learns to learn", encouraging a sense of responsibility and organization and opening the door to a wide range of professions

> an approach to teaching that develops critical thought, while cultivating open-mindedness as well as intellectual independence and autonomy

> a permanent interdisciplinary approach, enriched in particular by a wide range of different disciplines and combinations

School of French as a Foreign Language: Major Assets...

> emphasis on the diversity of the linguistic and cultural practices of French speakers

> teaching methods and content based on research in literature, linguistics and methodology

> experience in foreign language teaching

> continuing education courses in French (FORCAD)

> an advanced multimedia centre for individualized learning

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