A high-impact research

Conducted by more than 350 researchers, research at HEC Lausanne aims to understand the fundamental mechanisms of our economic world and to explore the behaviors that determine individual decision-making. Striking a balance between academic rigor and creativity, this research contributes significantly to scientific and economic debates, as well as new ways of thinking. Integrated into the teaching curriculum, it provides students with a strong analytical mindset, a major asset for tomorrow’s business leaders.

Community of researchers

The research community at HEC Lausanne is made up of a wide range of experts, including economists, sociologists and psychologists. Recognized for the excellence of their work and academic background, they are among the leading specialists in their fields

Academic publications and research funds

Our researchers' articles are regularly published in the most selective and prestigious international scientific journals, such as the Academy of Management Journal, Econometrica, Journal of Finance, American Economic Review. Every year, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), as well as numerous national and international funding bodies support research projects led by HEC researchers.

Science and Society

Research at HEC Lausanne plays a central role in society as well as the political and entrepreneurial worlds. Through their work and research, academic experts help policy makers, decision makers, and business leaders make the best decisions to fit the current economic and social context. 


Research activities conducted within HEC Lausanne have a significant impact in areas such as corporate ethics and governance, tax policy, management techniques, cybersecurity and industrial supply chain management. Moreover, our professors and researchers share their knowledge more widely with the general public by participating regularly in conferences, being present in the media as subject-matter experts or writing articles on the School’s research blog.

Research career at HEC Lausanne

For those who would like to move towards an academic career and become researchers, we invite you to visit the HEC doctoral school website.

Researchers interested in an academic position at HEC Lausanne can visit the careers section.

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