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HEC Lausanne, the Faculty of Business and Economics, is part of the University of Lausanne. The Rectorate is the highest body of the university.

The governance of the Faculty consists of the Dean's office, the Dean's Council, the Faculty Council, the Business Advisory Board, the Academic Planning Committee and the Equal Opportunity Committee


The Dean's Office

The Dean's Office, chaired by the Dean, is composed of 3 to 5 faculty members. The Dean, who is elected by the Faculty Council for a period of 3 years, holds the executive power, elaborates the strategy, and runs the Faculty.

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Information and contacts: Dean's Office


The Dean's Council

The Dean’s Council ensures that information circulates freely in both directions between the Dean’s Office and the academic and administrative departments. The Dean’s Council is made up of all the academic department heads, a representative of the administrative and technical staff, and members of the Dean’s Office.


Faculty Council

The Faculty Council (Conseil de Faculté) is the deliberative and legislative assembly of the Faculty. It is composed of 33 members, representing faculty, non-professorial teaching staff, administrative and technical staff, as well as students.

Its main functions are the following:

  • recommend the appointment of the Dean to the President's office;
  • on a proposal from the Dean, ratify as a whole, other members of the Dean's Office;
  • decide on the general policy of the School;
  • decide on the management of the Dean’s Office;
  • elect the members of standing committees;
  • decide on the creation or suppression of units;
  • decide on the appointments of the directors and unit managers;
  • advise, for the benefit of the University’s management, on the School’s regulations;
  • advise, for the benefit of the University’s management, on the School’s regulations and study plans;
  • advise, for the benefit of the University’s management, reports of standing committees to faculty and SEA;
  • approve the School’s budget;
  • adopt resolutions on any matter relating to the Faculty.

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Information and contacts: Faculty Council


Business Advisory Board

The Business Advisory Board (BAB) represents the voice of the corporate world and advises the Dean on management issues facing HEC Lausanne, with respect to strategy, program development, and identification of management-specific skills that students should acquire. The board consists of 12 senior executives, representing different economic sectors.


Academic Planning Committee

The Academic Planning Committee (Commission de planification académique) translates the objectives of the strategic plan of the School into plans for future recruitment. The Academic Council consists of the Dean and the ten academic department heads. In addition to handling recruiting plans, the Dean and the department heads also meet in the Conseil Décanal on a regular basis to deal with operational affairs related to the departments.


Equal Opportunity Committee

As part of the Federal program for Equal opportunities, UNIL filed with the Swiss Confederation, in autumn 2012, a new action plan for gender equality. Within this framework, HEC Lausanne has set its own targets and measures to promote equality within the School. The Equal Opportunity Committee is responsible for implementing, monitoring and developing the Faculty’s action plan.

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