Help | UNIL Monitoring Committee

The Monitoring Committee of Help | UNIL is a joint group whose role is to monitor the operation of the system in order to make recommendations and proposals for improvement to the Rectorate.

It has 11 permanent members, representing the various faculties and bodies. When necessary, it can call on the expertise of guest members.

Permanent members

  • HEC : Franciska Krings (Professorial staff), President
  • FTSR: Jörg Stolz (Professorial staff)
  • FDCA : Gaëlle Delavy (Administrative and technical staff)
  • Lettres : Léona Giddey (Administrative and technical staff)
  • SSP : Ana Dabetic (Administrative and technical staff)
  • FBM : Catherine Saib (Administrative and technical staff)
  • GSE : Johanna Marin-Carbonne (Professorial staff)
  • CSE : Maxime Bouvier (PAT)
  • Service de la Rercherche : Micaela Crespo Quesada (PAT)
  • FAE : Laurane La Villa / Myriam Schneider (Student body, rotating)
  • ACIDUL : Rachel Demolis (Intermediary staff)

Guest members

  • Vice-Rector Human Resources
  • Vice-Rector Equality, Diversity & Careers
  • Work and Study Climate Protection Delegate
  • One union representative
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