Durabilis Award UNIL-EPFL

A competition for UNIL and EPFL students

The Durabilis Award, launched in 2007, is awarded to projects with an approach that integrates the dimensions of sustainable development, namely: the environment, society and the economy.

The Durabilis Award is supported by the Rectorate of the University of Lausanne, by the Vice-Presidency for Academic Affairs of EPFL (VPAA) and by the town of St Sulpice.

General conditions

The competition is open to any student enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s program at EPFL or UNIL. All projects carried out under the supervision of a teacher through an academic curriculum can be presented. These may include individual or group projects.

Students who are exmatriculated after obtaining their UNIL or EPFL Bachelor’s or Master’s degree must have completed their project report during their degree program, and no later than one calendar year before applying for the award.

The award is not open to students in a joint UNIL Bachelor’s or Master’s program who are enrolled at a partner university, or to incoming exchange students at EPFL or UNIL.

2021 Award

The deadline for submission of your candidacy file is 31 August 2021. All informations can be find in the documents on the right side of this page.

Please send you candidacy file to the following address:

Mme Nathalie Janz
Université de Lausanne
Quartier UNIL-Centre
Bâtiment Unicentre
Direction, bureau 322
CH-1015 Lausanne

2020 Laureates

Three projects have received a Durabilis Award in 2020:

Quentin Arnoux, UNIL

Ecouter l’Anthropocène. Pour une écologie et une éthique des paysages sonores.

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Tijana Ivanovic, EPFL

Life cycle assessment of bio-based synthetic fibers: the case of polyester substitutes.

Download abstract

Johann Recordon and Anouchka Bagnoud

Le Sikkim et la révolution biologique

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