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The Faculty of Arts offers a wide choice of classical disciplines: Philosophy, History, Languages (classical and modern), Archaeology and History of Art. Other subjects have since been added, reflecting the broadening of human knowledge: History and Aesthetics of Film, Computer Science for the Humanities, Linguistics, History and Study of Religions.

The Bachelor of Arts is the first step in training which seeks to pass on knowledge, methods and techniques specific to each discipline. It encourages students to learn and put into practice an interdisciplinary approach.

In the first year of the course you choose, from those available on the Faculty’s programme, the three disciplines that will constitute the focus of the first part of your studies. One of the three disciplines may be chosen outside the Faculty, on the basis of a predefinite list. These are referred to as “external disciplines”.

In the second part of the course (second and third years), you continue your studies in two of your three disciplines. A further 20 ECTS credits are added to these two disciplines for an Options Programme. The latter may continue the third discipline, complement one of the other disciplines, or provide an introduction to other fields of study.

Disciplines taught in the Faculty of Arts

  • Ancient Greek
  • Ancient History
  • Archaeology
  • English
  • French as a Foreign Language (French for non-French speakers)
  • German
  • History
  • History and Aesthetics of Film
  • History of Art
  • History of Religions
  • Computer Science for the Humanities
  • Italian
  • Latin
  • Linguistics
  • Medieval French
  • Modern French
  • Philosophy
  • Spanish
  • Slavic Studies
  • South Asian Languages and Cultures

External disciplines in other UNIL Faculties

  • Geography
  • Psychology
  • Political Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Theological Studies

External disciplines at the University of Geneva

  • Arabic language, Literature and Civilisation
  • Armenian Language and Literature
  • Chinese Language, Literature and Civilisation
  • Egyptology and Coptic
  • Japanese Language, Literature and Civilisation
  • Mesopotamian Studies
  • Modern Greek Language, Literature and Civilisation
  • Musicology
  • Prehistoric Archaeology and Anthropology

External disciplines at the University of Neuchâtel

  • Ethnology
  • Prehistoric Archaeology and Ancient Mediterranean Archeology

External disciplines at the University of Fribourg

  • Musicology
  • Rhaeto-Romanic
Practical Information

Faculty of Arts

Degree Awarded
Bachelor of Arts (BA)

ECTS Credits

6 semesters

Teaching Language
French and/or language of the discipline studied

Enrolment deadline
30 April. If you require a visa to study in Switzerland: 28 February.

Further information
Course description

Study Options After the Bachelor's Degree

At UNIL, the following Master's programmes are open without further conditions to holders of the Bachelor of Arts (BA) :

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