Current students

Current PhD students in Information Systems

Name Department Keywords
AJALLOEIAN Ahmad Information systems Interpretable Machine Learning, Optimisation in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing
ALIYU Sadiq Information Systems Social Media, Cyberbullying, Maginalized Population
BADULESCU Yvonne Operations Newsvendor Problem, Big Data, Judgmental Information, Demand Forecasting
DIALLO Alpha Mamadou Information systems Human Mobility, Mobile Distributed Systems
EL ZEIN Yamane Information Systems Information Security and Privacy, Health Data Privacy, Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning
FADLER Martin Information Systems Big Data, Analytics, Data Management, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data-Driven Enterprise, Transformation, Dynamic Capability
GECER Melike Information systems Federated Learning, Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning, Mobile Distributed Systems
GOMEZ RUIZ Christian Mauricio Information Systems Blockchain Technology, Traceability, Supply Chain, Business Model
GOSWAMI Lahari Information Systems Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Persuasive Technology, Collaborative Learning Interventions, Learning Behaviour
HASAN M Redwan Information systems Corporate Data Quality, Big Data, Data Management
IHO Satu Information Systems IT governance in a digital transformation context, IT ambidexterity
KRASIKOV Pavel Information Systems Use of Open Data in Business Environments, Semantic Web, Data Management, Data Sharing and Data Platforms, Data-Driven Entreprises
KREJCI Désirée Information Systems Cross-Boundary Teamwork, Common Ground, Psychological Safety, Visual Thinking
LEFEBVRE Hippolyte Information Systems Data Democratization, Data Literacy, Data Culture, Data-driven Enteprise, Data Management, Analytics
Mc CORMICK Mark Information Systems Bioprocess Control, Transcriptomics, Torrefaction, Chemometrics, Environmental Biotechnology
PAATELA Antti Operations Online Investing Systems
RAO Pooja Information Systems Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence , Natural Language Processing, Persuasive Technology
ROSCHNIK Alicia Information Systems Agile Transformation, Organisational Culture Change, Design Science Research, Visual Inquiry Tools
SILACCI Alessandro Information systems Artificial Intelligence, Behavior Change, Sports Analytics, Human-Computer Interaction
TYLER James Information Systems Persuasive Technology and Human-Computer Interaction, Assistive Technologies, Artificial Agency/Intelligence, Affective Robotics
VELYKOIVANENKO Lev Information Systems Information Security and Privacy, Privacy Protection, Utility and Usability of Wearables
VILLALOBOS ZUÑIGA Gabriela Information Systems Human-Computer Interaction, Persuasive Technology, Behavior Change
WALTER Valérianne Information Systems Machine Learning for Data Quality, Scalable Data Quality Management
ZUFFEREY Noé Information systems Information Security and Privacy, Privacy Protection, Lifestyle Tracking Devices
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