We are one of the seven faculties of the University of Lausanne. The Rectorate, chaired by the Rector, is the University's highest authority. The University Council is the University's decision-making body.

Faculty governance falls under the remit of the bodies listed below.


Dean's Office

The Dean's Office is chaired by the Dean and comprises three to five faculty members. Elected by the Faculty Council for a period of three years, the Dean holds executive power and, as such, develops strategy and manages the Faculty.

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Dean's Council

The Dean's Council ensures a smooth flow of information between the Dean's Office and the academic and administrative units, and vice versa. The Dean's Council comprises the directors of the academic units, a representative of the administrative and technical staff and the members of the Dean's Office.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the decision-making assembly and legislative body of the Faculty. It is made up of 33 representatives of the teaching staff, intermediate staff, administrative and technical staff and the student body.

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International Advisory Board (IAB)

The International Advisory Board (IAB) reflects our desire to position ourselves as a key player in international economic and financial circles.

The IAB plays a crucial role in defining the overall strategy, programmes and initiatives of our faculty. Its aim is to enhance our reputation, strengthen our local and national roots, encourage international collaboration and contribute to our continuous improvement.

The IAB is made up of a diverse group of leading business figures with different experiences and perspectives to ensure a broad range of views and opinions. Five different nationalities are represented, and it is made up of representatives of international and Swiss companies and organisations, as well as NGOs and entrepreneurs. Members are active in the banking, auditing, finance, insurance, luxury goods, health, sport, technology and nutrition sectors.

IAB members are appointed for a three-year renewable term by the Dean of the Faculty, who has also appointed Stephanie Blum, independent consultant and former VP Head of Translational Research at Nestlé Health Science, as Chairwoman.

The composition of the IAB for 2024 - 2027:

Tableau IAB.png

Academic Planning Committee

The Academic Planning Committee translates the Faculty's strategic objectives for teaching and research into plans for the creation or conversion of teaching posts. The committee has nine members, including the Dean, departmental representatives elected by the Faculty and two external experts.

Equality Commission

As part of the Federal Equal Opportunities Programme, UNIL submitted an action plan for equality to the Swiss Confederation in autumn 2012. Under a mandate from the Rectorate, HEC Lausanne has defined its own objectives and measures to promote equality within its ranks. The Equality Commission is responsible for implementing, monitoring and developing the Faculty's action plan.

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