The Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration is a part of the University of Lausanne’s Faculty of Law, Criminal Sciences and Public Administration. It has its own council, management, a secretariat and four permanent committees. The Institute is organised into specialist units for research and consulting (organizational chart).


Nils Soguel
Director and vice-dean
T. +41 21 692 68 50



Laure Athias
Vice-director, continuing education
T. +41 21 692 68 21



Giuliano Bonoli
Vice-director, consecutive training
T. +41 21 692 68 90


Tobias Mettler

Tobias Mettler
Vice-director, doctorate and research
T. +41 21 692 69 50

Council of the IDHEAP

The Council of the Institute is composed of 11 members: five representing senior faculty, two representing non-professorial teaching staff, two representing administrative and technical personnel and two representing the students.

Composition of the Council for 2020–2022

Senior faculty (5 members):

  • Pirmin Bundi
  • Flavia Fossati
  • Stéphane Nahrath
  • Oliver Neumann
  • Sophie Weerts

Doctoral student and researcher (2 members):

  • Naomi Luta
  • Stefano Assanti

Administrative and technical personnel (2 members):

  • Jérôme Berthoud
  • Dhouha Steiner
  • NN (suppléante)
  • NN (suppléante)

Student body (2 members):

  • Stéphane Rodriguez (PMP)
  • Daniele Lopes (MPA)


Permanent Committees

Committee for Continuous Education and Training

The Committee for Continuous Education and Training is responsible for the MPA, CEMAP, DAS and CAS programmes and training.


  • Chairman: Laure Athias (senior faculty)
  • Yves Emery (senior faculty)
  • Stéphane Nahrath (senior faculty)
  • Pascale Dalla Piazza (FC UNIL‐EPFL)
  • Christophe Randin (student body)
  • Ada Amsellem (doctoral student and researcher)
  • Dhouha Steiner (administrative and technical personnel)

Teaching Committee

The Teaching Committee is responsible for the programmes leading to the Master of Arts in PMP and to the Doctorate in Public Administration.


  • Chairman: Giuliano Bonoli (senior faculty)
  • Tobias Mettler (senior faculty)
  • Sophie Weerts (senior faculty)
  • Stéphane Rodriguez (student body)
  • Alexander Bastianen (doctoral student and researcher)

Committee for Academic Planning

The Committee for Academic Planning is led by a member of the Dean’s Office. This committee’s role is to plan all academic positions within the Institute.


  • Chairman: Vincent Martenet (Dean)
  • Laure Athias
  • David Giauque
  • Stéphane Nahrath
  • Nils Soguel
  • Sophie Weerts
  • Geert Bouckaert (KU Leuven)

Appeals Committee


  • Chairman: Nils Soguel (senior faculty)
  • Sophie Weerts (senior faculty)
  • Maéva El Bouchikhi (doctoral student and researcher)
  • Eloïse Eperon (student body, PMP)
Teaching and Research units
  • Swiss Public Administration and Institutional Policy (Prof. Andreas Ladner)
  • Public Law and Regulation (Prof. Sophie Weerts and Prof. Dominique Hänni)
  • Economics of Regulation (Prof. Laure Athias)
  • Public Finance (Prof. Nils Soguel)
  • Inequality and integration (Prof. Flavia Fossati)
  • Information Management (Prof. Tobias Mettler)
  • Public Management and Human Resource Management (Prof. Yves Emery)
  • Public Management and Marketing (Prof. Martial Pasquier)
  • Public Policy and Evaluation (Prof. Pirmin Bundi)
  • Public Policy and Sustainability (Prof. Stéphane Nahrath)
  • Social Policy (Prof. Giuliano Bonoli)
  • Regulation of Sport (Prof. Mickaël Terrien)
  • Strategy and Organization (Prof. Oliver Neumann)

The Institute Secretariat is responsible for managing the administration of IDHEAP’s education and training programmes, as well as supporting all the Institute’s promotional, administrative, technical and logistical activities.

Activity Reports

Following the integration of the institute into the University of Lausanne and the dissolution of the Fondation for l'IDHEAP, the activity reports are no longer published after 2016.


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