Erasmus+ actions open to Switzerland

Switzerland participates in Erasmus+ in a reduced way, as a "partner country", as opposed to a "programme country".

Erasmus+ is made up of 2 types of actions:

Swiss institutions can participate in some of these actions either as full partners with European funding or indirectly as associated partner with Swiss funding provided by Movetia via the Swiss program for Erasmus+. More info here.

In addition, the Swiss National Agency Movetia offers an international programme which makes it possible to develop cooperation projects with both European and extra-European partners.

Erasmus+ activities available in Switzerland

Activities available

  • Cooperation partnerships : aim to develop and reinforce networks of partners, increase the capacity to operate jointly at transnational level, boosting internationalisation of activities, exchanging or developing new practices and methods as well as sharing and confronting ideas. ‘Full partner’ (Erasmus funding) or ‘associated partner’ (Movetia funding);
  • Alliances for Innovation : aim to strengthen Europe’s innovation capacity by boosting innovation through cooperation and flow of knowledge among education and the broader socio-economic environment, including research. Transnational, structured and result-driven projects, in which partners share common goals and work together to foster innovation, new skills, a sense of initiative and entrepreneurial mind-sets. ‘Full partner’ (Erasmus funding) or 'associated partner' (Movetia funding);
  • Erasmus Mundus Actions : International Joint Master degrees. ‘Full partner’ (Erasmus funding) only;
  • European Universities : transnational alliances meant to become the universities of the future, promoting European values and identity, and revolutionising the quality and competitiveness of European higher of the flagship initiatives of the EU’s ambitions to build a  European Education Area. ‘Associated partner’ (Movetia funding) only;
  • Jean Monnet Activities : actions promoting excellence in teaching and research in the field of European Union studies, with the objective to foster the dialogue between the academia and policy-makers to enhance governance of EU policies. ‘Full partner’ (Erasmus funding) only.

For more general information about the Erasmus+ programme click here.


  • The project application must be submitted by a project leader based in an institution of a program country (out of Switzerland) to its national agency;
  • The minimum number of partners must be reached without counting the Swiss partner;
  • A Swiss partner must provide a skill or knowledge that no other partner can provide (elimination criterion).


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