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UNIL and today's research

The UNIL intention plan's 2017-2021 plan of intent states that :

"UNIL researchers and teachers devote a significant part of their time to their research activities and the funds invested in them are considerable. However, the visibility of the results of this research is not certain. It depends essentially on the motivation of their authors to publicize them, beyond their traditional publication in scientific journals, books or conference proceedings. Today's research is open, participatory and transdisciplinary. (…)

The management of the University of Lausanne intends to adopt a very clear promotion policy in favour of openness, both for publications (Open Access) and for research data (Open Data). This policy of openness must be carried out in collaboration with the privileged editorial partners, UNIL researchers, (...) as well as national partners (...), the political world, donors, the research community or the Consortium of Swiss University Libraries."

UNIL's Open Science (OS) strategy, approved by the Rectorate on December 17, 2019, focuses on Open access and Open research Data. It is in line with our institution's 2019 digital strategy and the digital strategy for the canton of Vaud drawn up by the Conseil d'État.

UNIL's approach to SO aims to also respond to the 2017-2022 legislative programme, which aims to promote open and participatory science, and to the 2017-2022 Strategic Plan of the University of Lausanne, adopted by the Grand Council in May 2019.

A 5-axis action plan

To carry out its strategy successfully, UNIL has defined an action plan in 5 priority areas :

  • Governance : to develop an Open Science policy, strategy, processes and guidelines to support UNIL's vision.
  • Organization : to set up administrative and support structures that ensure a participatory and inclusive approach to researchers.
  • Infrastructures and tools : to provide the technical means to manage, store, secure, share and archive scientific information.
  • Training and advice : to support, accompany and empower researchers in the management of their projects.
  • A new culture and communication : to raise awareness in the community and the public about the challenges and opportunities of OS.


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