Registration for courses and exams

Normal registration for courses and assessments

Registration for courses automatically entails registration for the corresponding assessments, i.e., examinations and/or submissions.

Normal course registration takes place from week 1 to week 4 of the semester at (UNIL login). See our calendar and news sections for exact dates.

ATTENTION: Registering on Moodle does not constitute official registration for courses or assessments.

Non-HEC courses in Module 3 taken as a free option must be approved by the faculty. Please read and complete this directive-form to obtain authorization to register.

Late registration for courses

Late registration is subject to a late registration fee of CHF 200 and must be submitted during the fifth and sixth weeks of the semester. No applications will be accepted after this deadline. See our calendar and news sections for exact dates.

Contact to receive e-banking details for your payment. Then send your proof of payment and the list of courses you wish to register for to

Registration for non-HEC courses

Please follow the instructions and deadlines of the institution or faculty where you wish to register. Once you have registered, you must send a copy of your registration to

Withdrawal or modification of registrations

You may cancel your registration for a fee of CHF 200 by sending your request to during the two-week late registration period.

Non-student attendance at lectures

Non-students who wish to attend lectures must register with the Admissions Unit (SII) by completing this form. Attending lectures as a non-student does not entitle you to credits or to take part in teaching assessments.

Registration in EPFL courses for HEC Students

Students from the Faculty of HEC must register for EPFL courses included in the Bachelor's study plan via email at before the deadline specified in the study plans (usually until the end of the 2nd week of the semester). If the course is part of the HEC study plan, there is no need to register with EPFL. Registration or participation in EPFL courses, or registration with a professor or Moodle without official registration via is not valid, and you will not receive credits.

Registration in HEC courses for EPFL Students

You can take 2nd and/or 3rd-year Bachelor's courses at HEC Lausanne, except for the Individual Project and internships. Please refer to the syllabi.

Regular registration

Please follow these steps:

  1. You must obtain EPFL's approval to enroll in a UNIL course;
  2. Register on IS-Academia at EPFL under the "other subject" category and select the UNIL faculty corresponding to HEC from the list. For more information, contact;
  3. With the login credentials you receive, enroll at for Bachelor-level courses at the Faculty of HEC during week 1 to week 4 of the semester. Enrollment in a course automatically includes registration for the corresponding exams during the regular summer and winter sessions. Check our calendar and news sections for exact dates.
    CAUTION: Registering on Moodle does not constitute official registration in courses or evaluations.

Late registration

For late registration, please refer to the corresponding section.

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