Registration for HEC Lausanne courses


Normal course registration takes place from week 1 to week 4 of the semester

Normal course registration (from 1 to week 4 of the semester) entails registration for the corresponding assessments, i.e exams and/or validations (written or oral exam, ENEP: onsite digital exam, course without exam, seminar, etc).
Late registration is permitted during the 5th and 6th weeks with a cash payment of CHF 200. 

For more information : HEC rules and academic information

Information on exam sessions

Registration for EPFL exams from our Bachelor course list
Use of calculators at the Bachelor level
Special arrangements (as part of exams)
Exam schedules notification

On the HEC Lausanne website approximately 5 weeks before the examination session:

  • Winter session: mid-December
  • Sumer session: mid-May
  • Autumn session: mid-August (retake session)
Exam session

At exam sessions

Compulsory attendance at exams during the exam sessions under the same conditions as regular UNIL students. Exchange students must be available during the entire session.

A written exam cannot be replaced by an oral exam, etc. HEC Lausanne does not authorize the organization of special or individual exams with the professors.

Exchange students are allowed to bring an unannoted paper (not electronic) language dictionary during exams.

We recommend that you are at the exam room 10 minutes before the start of a paper exam in-person and 25 minutes before an ENEP exam (online digital exam).

Publication of grades

A transcript of records is issued about ten days after the end of the exam session.  

Link will be communicated by email. An official transcript of each exam session will be sent by email to your home university.

Consultation of examination papers

Information and guidelines  
Examens: horaires / directives / consultations - HEC UNIL -> Consultation
Actualités - HEC UNIL  -> All news


Rules and regulations

Exams, courses, programs, etc : Rules and regulations - HEC UNIL

Retake session / Failed exam

An exam failed during the winter or summer session may be retaken a second and last time during the following retake session only (autumn session) on the dates set by HEC Lausanne. No application for a special or off-site exam will be considered.

The registration process for the exams in the retake session is the same as for the other sessions. Registration opens in mid-July and lasts 2 weeks. Please check our website.


For any question, please contact Inès Rosati, HEC Student Exchange Office.

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