Executive Certificate in Management and Public Action (CEMAP)

The topic

Today more than ever, public institutions must adapt to a societal context in perpetual mutation. The Executive Certificate in Management and Public Action CEMAP course helps managers to deal with the principal issues and challenges faced by political and public institutions by emphasising the strong link between theory and practice.

The CEMAP is:

  • a course aimed at federal, cantonal and communal executives in the public and parapublic sectors;
  • a certificate for guiding public action;
  • taught using a multidisciplinary approach;
  • a strong link between theory and practice.

Each participant has the possibility to carry out a project related to his or her professional activity, with the full support of the teaching staff. This approach ensures the link between lessons and the student’s professional reality, and it offers employers who are backing their employee’s training some expert advice in their domain of competency. The project can be carried out in parallel to the training course.

Target audience

The CEMAP is aimed at federal, cantonal and communal executives in the public and parapublic sectors who either:

  • hold or will soon hold management positions in public institutions or not-for-profit organisations;
  • wish to bring their knowledge and skills up to date, or;
  • are originally from the private sector.
Speakers (subject to modifications)

Training and supervision of projects is carried out by IDHEAP professors.

Program (subject to modifications)
Teaching methods

Teaching is based on a number of varied working methods, including presentations, case studies, group work, debate and role-playing.


Organising institutions

The course in French is organised by the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration (IDHEAP), which is attached to the University of Lausanne’s Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration.

The course in German is organised by the University of Bern’s Center of Competence for Public Management (KPM) in collaboration with the University of St. Gallen’s Institute for Systems Management and Public Governance.

Consultative committee

The CEMAP’s consultative committee is made up of a delegation from the Swiss Conference of Heads of Public Adminstration Training (CSFA). This committee ensures the conceptual and formal links with the public administrations to which the course participants will return.

Programme management

Programme management in French is the responsibility of Professor David Giauque of the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration (IDHEAP).

Qualifications and Certificates

Participation in this training course and the successful preparation of a personal project lead to the award of a certificate of continuing education/Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Executive Management and Public Action. This course is worth 15 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System). Participants who attend the course, but who decide not to prepare a personal project, receive a certificate of attendance (but no ECTS credits)

Continuing Education regulations

Practical information and Registration

Programme management

Prof. David Giauque

Dates, times and location

This programme comprises 14 days of obligatory class presence (09h00–17h00) spread out over a calendar year from spring to autumn. The course is organised with students’ professional obligations in mind, and thus it is based around modules of 1 to 3 consecutive days of study.

Classes take place in the IDHEAP building, on the University of Lausanne campus.

Registration fees

The total cost for this course is CHF 9,500. These registration fees include all pedagogical materials, personal support for the certificate project, snacks during breaks, and meals. Any additional costs, such as travel and lodging, are the responsibility of the participants.

Conditions of withdrawal

Any decision to withdraw from the course must be made in writing. If withdrawal from the course in announced between 21 and 10 days prior to its commencement, 50% of the registration fee will remain due. If withdrawal from the course is announced less than 10 days prior to its commencement, the entire registration fee is due.

See the règlement des CAS en administration publique, y compris CEMAP.

Registration procedure

Persons wishing to apply for a place on this course are required to prepare application dossier. The number of places being limited, registrations will be considered on the basis of the date of receipt.

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