Regulations, Committee and Admission

Research committee

In your first year of working contract (Art. 6 of the doctorate regulation), you have to submit a thesis proposal and a training plan to the Research Committee (RC), which gives its opinion and forwards documents to the Dean’s office for approval and final admission. You will find both documents below.


We remind you that the candidate shall be matriculated at UNIL for the entire duration of their doctoral studies.The Admissions Office is responsible for formally determining the candidate’s admissibility.

Access to doctoral studies


Date and deadline

Research committee (RC) meetings 2023 & how to enrol at UNIL

Pre-enrollment UNIL1 


RC meetings

Admission, finalization2  

Before 31.07.23

Sem A23/24

Tuesday 29.08.23, 10h*

Before 15.10.23  

Before 30.11.23

Sem S24

Tuesday 07.11.23, 10h**

Before 28.02.24

1 Admission office
2 Thank you to contact who will transmit thesis forms to admission office.

*Submission before 22.08.23 noon
**Submission before 31.10.23 noon
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