ARCHIVE - Research and Publication Colloquium│Challenges in post-industrial labour markets

This interdisciplinary colloquium is jointly organized by IDHEAP (University of Lausanne), nccr-on the move (University of Neuchâtel) and NCCR-LIVES (University of Lausanne).

Its aim is to gather scholars interested in labour markets and their interrelation with society to discuss their research and provide a platform to get feedback on their work-in progress. Whilst thematically the colloquium will be centred on the issue of labour market and society, the aim is to address scholars from various disciplines, who work on these questions from a variety of different angles.

Thematically the colloquium aims at analysing topical issues, which arise in the context of post-industrial labour markets. In fact, in this setting we witness manifold challenges and developments. Be it in terms of new risk structures, adverse outcomes or changing institutional arrangements. Among other topics the discussions will address questions linked to :

  • New forms of social inequality and compensation demands resulting from changing labour market structures. What strategies do governments apply to re-insert long-term unemployed, immigrants, or individuals with obsolete skills into an increasingly competitive labour market? What kind of outcomes do these policies have on different groups ?
  • The consequences of competitive labour markets on the appointing strategy of companies. What kind of strategies do employers apply when choosing their collaborators and what kind of discriminatory patterns may arise as a consequence ?
  • Developments of institutions and policy schemes in the labour market domain. How do countries adapt to external and internal pressures? And what are the consequences of flexibilising and activating welfare reforms ?


The colloquium entails a presentation of one paper (max. 20’), comments by a discussant (max. 10’) and a general discussion (max 30’).

The paper to be discussed will be circulated 7 days in advance, to give the discussant and the participants enough time to prepare their comments. To obtain the papers you can register contacting Fabienne Liechti (

The colloquium will be held on Tuesdays from 12:15 - 13:15.

We provide sandwiches for the participants.

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