Identifying a problematic situation

A problematic situation may consist in a conflict situation as much as a violation of personal rights. Violations of personal rights include any breach of an individual right, such as physical and mental health, moral integrity and respect for individual freedoms or privacy. Those rights therefore refer to all the physical, emotional and social attributes associated with a person as a whole.

The violation of personal rights can take the form of sexual harassment or sexism, psychological harassment, or discrimination, whether based on social or ethnic origin, language, religion, gender or sexual and/or emotional orientation, age, disability, etc.

To help you identify your situation, you will find definitions and examples under the following tabs.


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If you find it difficult to identify your situation, which may involve several forms of violation of personal rights, you may want to contact a person of trust: free of charge and in complete confidentiality, he or she will help you identify your situation and advise you on the options available to you.

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