You are targeted

Are you unsure about what’s happening to you? The persons of trust are available to help you put your situation into words.

In case of sexual/psychological harassment, discrimination, violence

Get a confidential listening ear

Whatever your status at UNIL (student, intermediary staff, professorial staff, administrative and technical staff) and whatever your situation, you can talk to a person of trust about your experience, a specialist external to UNIL who will offer you a listening ear and confidential support. The person of trust can not only help you put your situation into words, but also suggest courses of action and accompany you in the steps you wish to take.

Other resources for confidential support can be called upon, such as Accueil Santé, Santé au travail, the psychotherapeutic consultation or the Chaplaincy. These resources are presented on the "UNIL internal resources" pages.

Reporting via the form

You can report your situation at any time via the reporting form, either anonymously and confidentially, or by asking for your report to be passed on to the UNIL Work and Study Climate Protection Officer so that the institution can take action. You can also ask to be contacted by a person of trust at the end of your report.

Requesting support and action from the institution

UNIL entities (internal services or associations) offer various services adapted to your status and situation. Informing them of your situation will enable UNIL to act and take appropriate measures. These resources are presented on the "UNIL internal resources" pages.

Filing a complaint

If you wish to file an administrative complaint as a victim of a situation constituting a violation of your personal rights (harassment, discrimination, violence) in the context of your work or studies at UNIL, follow the procedure described on the "Filing a complaint" page. You can contact a person of trust at any time to assist you in this process.

These actions are not mutually exclusive and can be taken in parallel.


In case of a conflict situation

If you are experiencing a conflict situation or a team dysfunction in your work at UNIL, you can ask your line management to find a solution.

If you are experiencing a conflict situation in the context of your studies, you can seek the help of your teacher or, if this feels uncomfortable, activate other resources available to students.

You can always ask a person of trust to advise you in confidence and to help you with the process.


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