Program 2021-2022

Programme & schedules are being updated on a regular basis.

Courses organized by the Doctoral School - On-line registration  
Taking place during period 1 : October & November  
Sessions taking place in November will be organized on-line  
Data management & Open data in life science  
Hands-on introduction to machine learning for biomedical data  
Introduction to Matlab programming   
Scientific writing and publishing Autumn Session  
On-line registration for period 1 : 30.08-08.09.21  
Taking place during period 2 : December, January & February  
Scientific writing and publishing Winter Session  
Introduction to cancer genomics  
On-line registration for period 2 : 15-24.11.21  
Taking place during period 3 : March, April & May  
Bioinformatics Algorithms - Exam will take place in June/July 2022 with Msc students during the official exam period. No other special examination date will be accepted.  
Inborn Diseases of Metabolism Affecting Brain Development   
Scientific writing and publishing Spring Session  
Statistical methods: theory and applications: 
Possibility to take part to 1 or more modules.
Modules 1 & 2 (or courses considered to be equivalent) are mandatory before registering for 3 & 4.
-Module 1: Introduction to R (in EN)   
-Module 2: Multiple linear regression (in EN)  
-Module 3: Analyse de survie (exceptionally in French)   
-Module 4: Statistics for Genomic Data Analysis (in EN)   
On-line registration for period 3 : 01-10.02.22  
Taking place during period 4 : June & July  
Modern magnetic resonance imaging applications in biology and medicine   
On-line registration for period 4 : 09-18.05.22  


Other Courses & Organizers - Registration directly via the organizers (see the conditions on their websites)
Business & project management
CTI Business Concept Training - 4 ECTS
Public Dissemination Skills - 1 ECTS
SciFilmIt Hackathon Lausanne - 1 ECTS (registration will open next year)
Digital skills
EPFL Extension School - Courses might be validated under request- Modules will be recognized for a maximum of 4 ECTS in your doctoral program.
English in academia (recognized if the entry level of the PhD student is B2)
Academic writing skills for doctoral students (B2/C1) - Cours block- 2 ECTS
Academic writing skills for doctoral students (B2/C1) - 2 ECTS
Communicating in English in an academic context for Master and PhD students - 1 ECTS
Coaching for Communicating in English in an Academic Context - 1 ECTS
Presenting Research in English (for Doctoral Students & Researchers) - 1 ECTS
Radiophysique médicale : physique de la radiothérapie  - Detailed program  - starting in March 9th 
Science/Life Science - Refresher course/Mise à niveau
0 ECTS  in the PhD in Life Sciences
Fundamentals in Molecular Biology 
Introduction to fluorescence imaging for the analysis of living cells - 1 ECTS
Thesis from A to Z, spice up your research
  • Courses: a minimal duration of 8 hours is required.
  • ECTS points are not granted for PhD thesis consultations and career orientation/networking activities.
Open access, project management for researchers and more...
Continuing vocational training
Modules will be recognized for 4 ECTS maximum in your PhD program in Life Sciences ; on the 12 ECTS, 6 ECTS max can be obtained in the "transversal skills" category.
Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) Work+Health
Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Toxicology (Registration 31st August 18)
Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Health Economics and Management 
And others - Evaluations are done under request.


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Only for tutorials and courses organized by the Doctoral School.

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